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The Center for Southeast Asian Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison fosters a wide variety of research, teaching, and outreach activities about Southeast Asia. Since 1981, the Center has been recognized as a National Resource Center by the U.S. Department of Education and has received Title VI funding for program development and Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) fellowships.

We promote greater understanding of the Southeast Asian region through academic year courses, a summer language institute, study abroad opportunities, a publication series, outreach activities, a weekly public lecture series, student research and study grants, and degree programs. Our faculty and students are a vibrant community of scholars with research and teaching interests in a wide variety of academic disciplines. The Center operates a vigorous and well-developed program committed to the study of Southeast Asia that is recognized as one of the best worldwide.

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SEARG is an open forum designed to facilitate and develop the community of UW-Madison students whose general interests engage with Southeast Asia, its peoples, and the diaspora of those with heritage from the region. SEARG strives to recognize and incorporate the invaluable perspectives of students with Southeast Asian heritage, but students of any and all racial, ethnic, sexuality, or gender identities are welcome. While many members are currently at the graduate level, SEARG also welcomes the participation of undergraduates interested in the region and its peoples. Meetings take the form of panels and forums designed to both develop the work of individual members and to share best practices both in the academy and the field.

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The Philippine-American Association of Madison & Neighboring Areas (PAMANA) is a volunteer run, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization member organization dedicated to promoting understanding and goodwill among members and the community at large through participation in social, cultural and educational activities. Its mission includes fostering unity and harmony among Filipino, Filipino-American, and local communities in the greater Madison area. PAMANA promotes Filipino cultural education and provides aid and assistance to humanitarian projects both in the local community and distressed communities in the Philippines. In Filipino, PAMANA means inheritance or legacy.

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UniPro Chicago is a 501c3 nonprofit organization seeking to empower and unify the Pilipino/a/x American Chicago community through education, solidarity, allyship, and Kapwa to catalyze transformative change. UniPro is committed to organizing, building, and empowering the Pilipino American community through education, advocacy, and collaboration. Through their chapters in New York, San Diego, Chicago, Seattle, and Texas, they work across state lines, generations, demographics, issues, and topics to break down the barriers that stand between communities and progress. Ultimately, UniPro asks Pilipino Americans to critically answer, “How do you define Progress?”

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The primary mission of the Multicultural Student Center is to collaboratively strengthen and sustain an inclusive campus where all students, particularly students of color and other historically underserved students, can realize an authentic Wisconsin Experience.

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We recognize and appreciate that we are fortunate to have finished our higher education from the University of the Philippines, the only national university in the country. In appreciation of the excellent education, training, and development we received, we feel an obligation to support UP in “taking a lead role in the development of a globally competitive Philippines” through sponsorship of scholarships, faculty development, and funding projects in pursuit of excellence.

We shall endeavor to give back to our community, in appreciation of the many benefits and support we have received which enabled us to get where we are today. This giving back is a testimony of our unique Filipino culture of utang na loob, as an expression of gratitude for having our lives enriched.

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MAFA exists to promote unity and cooperation amongst Filipino and Filipino Americans around the Midwest by promoting Filipino culture and Asian American awareness, coordinating meetings and events, and supporting the objectives of the MAFA member organizations.

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The Department of Asian Languages & Cultures at UW-Madison is student-centered and driven by research that is integrated into the classroom. With thematic foci in Asian languages, linguistics and literature, Asian cultural studies, religions of Asia, and critical issues in contemporary Asia, we aim to teach students how to recognize and critically analyze the realities of past and present “Asia” as a region that is crucial to the global flows of people, materials, and ideas through its own rich complexity with deep interconnection across multiple domains.

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The Multi-Cultural Council (MCC) is the board that approves and denies grant applications at hearings for the MCC Event Grant. It's not much of its own group, but it is made up of student leaders from MSC-affiliated orgs. The MCC Event Grant is an opportunity provided by the Multicultural Student Center (MSC). The acronyms can be confusing at times because they are so alike.

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