Trixie Cataggatan


Trixie Cataggatan is a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is majoring in Elementary Education with a certificate in Studio Art.

Trixie is the Cultural Chair on the Filipinx-American Student Organization executive board. As Cultural Chair, Trixie serves as the head of Philippine Culture Night. Although COVID-19 has restricted FASO from hosting its annual event in-person, she has been able to take on the challenge of planning and preparing a virtual celebration of Filipinx culture.

The theme for PCN this year is Bayanihan -- which translates to being in a bayan or community. Trixie’s inspiration for this theme comes from the welcoming and loving environment of FASO. Being online has been a challenge for FASO, but it has increased everyone's craving to be together in-person one day. FASO has embraced the Bayanihan spirit by creating friendships and a tight-knit community online. This year, Trixie has realized that while FASO may be far apart, the organization remains together in spirit and heart. FASO has shown that a community is not confined to one place; instead, a community can be anywhere because of the people who make it so.

Trixie hopes that PCN will bring Filipinx-Americans closer together. FASO is better together as a community. We care, connect, and inspire each other. With the theme of Bayanihan, she hopes to impact Filipinx-Americans by feeling like they can find a bayan and create a sense of belongingness.