Phillipine Cultural Night

brought to you by FASO Madison


What is it?

FASO is ecstatic to finally be hosting another Philippine Cultural Night (PCN) for Spring 2021. PCN is the biggest FASO-run event of the year, and although things this year will be a little different, the excitement of PCN is higher than ever before! Despite being physically apart, this year’s PCN is sure to bring everyone closer together. Philippine Cultural Night is an annual event where we as a community come together to embrace our identities and celebrate Filipinx culture in a myriad of fun ways. FASO proudly showcases traditional Filipino and modern dances, musical performances, and more! This event is the perfect way for you to become introduced to and educated about Filipinx culture; additionally, PCN provides an opportunity for students to grow in touch with their experiences as Filipinx and Filipinx Americans. PCN is an event that has long-lasting impacts on our community: we encourage attendees to share experiences with one another and find ways to connect to our identities and those who share them. We also immerse ourselves in Filipinx culture which leads to a growing appreciation for our wonderful heritage. Most importantly, PCN is a great opportunity to feel welcomed into our wonderful and supportive student community here at FASO… so come and join our bayan at PCN!

What is the theme?

FASO is rooted in the concept of Bayanihan (being in a “bayan,” or community), which reflects the importance of a tight-knit community. Our organization embodies the teachings of Bayanihan by practicing the concept of helping each other without expecting anything in return and working together to achieve a common goal. Fostering friendships and forming family-like relationships, or “pamilya,” is the foundation in which members are able to explore their identity within educational, cultural, and social contexts through events and programs like Philippine Culture Night (PCN). The beauty of Bayanihan is that a community can be composed of a wide array of people that bring their own experiences and backgrounds to events like PCN. It is this diversity that unites individuals and allows them to find their own sense of identity with and through each other. Whether this event serves to promote engagement with one’s cultural roots or introduce any audience member to the intricacy and uniqueness of Filipinx culture, we encourage anyone to participate in this highly anticipated event.

There is no better way to celebrate the spirit of Bayanihan than through PCN, as this concept is this year’s overarching theme. We hope that PCN is culturally enriching for Filipinx Americans and the greater Madison community alike. We believe that a community is not geographically dependent; it can be established anywhere because of the people who make it so. The COVID-19 pandemic has made xenophobia more transparent, as these issues now have become exacerbated amongst Asian-Americans nationwide. In light of recent violence and hate crimes that stem from long-standing bias and prejudice, we hope to catalyze the movement towards racial equality. While acknowledging that this movement is a gradual process, taking strides to promote unity throughout the Asian-American community starts with events like PCN. Through these demanding times, FASO aims to exemplify the teachings of Bayanihan by embracing the ambiguity of what it means to be together. “Being together” can be defined as being together in spirit, connecting through culture, and fostering a safe haven for each member during times that they most need it.